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Hi! My name is Tom Ziebro and I am passionate about health and fitness.

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The Journey

I always loved fitness but never understood it. It came naturally to me but with my competitive spirit, I always pushed myself to be the best. Playing soccer as a kid, or pickup games with friends, I had to win. I'm sure I was annoying to be around. ;)

I joined the U.S. Army and my passion to be the best took me to another level. I was surrounded by men and women who challenged me, whether they knew it or not, to be stronger, faster and more agile. With all this going for me, I still didn't understand nutrition or how to program workouts. I was motivated and training often but seeing very little results.

My saving grace is that I am willing to do anything to reach a goal. I began trying different diets, experimenting with workout programming and recording the data. I did keto, low carb, high carb, I drank a gallon of milk a day to gain weight...I pretty much tried everything. Throughout the process, I learned how my body responded. I was getting closer.

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Still Learning

I am thankful for the long journey that I had because I learned not just how to get results...how to build muscle and how to lose fat, but I also learned what NOT to do. In my before and after picture, the far left pane was when I was working out every day and eating "healthy". I wasn't really tracking macros or calories...I was more or less eating a paleo diet. I made some changes to my diet, began tracking calories and macros and in a few months, I was a different person. I was stronger, I had clearly defined abs and for the first time in my life, I felt like I could make my body do anything. That's a powerful feeling!

I kept tweaking and keeping data...I fiddled with multiple workout programs and made major and minor tweaks, but the greatest results came from what I did in my diet. Within another year, I had reached the lowest bodyfat ever...but I wasn't finished.

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Knowledge That Works!

Part of me wanted more proof that what I was doing was "right". I needed more test subjects. I started offering my services as a nutritional coach. I coached dozens of clients and carefully created and tweaked their diets. They all had success after a few months. I had clients with allergies, clients that were vegan, clients that kept cheating on their diets, but I was able to create meal plans that allowed them to still feel human while reaching their goals.

Now, after years of coaching client after client, I know instinctively what to do to get my clients the best results. Some had tried everything and were ready to give up until I helped them understand nutition and develop a healthy relationship with food. As great as it feels to know I can make my body do what I want it to, it is so much more satisfying to help a client lose fat, build muscle and give them the same confidence that they are in control.

If you are ready to get into the best shape of your life, click the link below to get a customized meal plan and on-going support to help you reach your goals.

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